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1999 - 15 min - Colour

A girl and a boy meet each other and spend the night together in her place in a hugh block of identical buildings. Next morning as the boy goes out to bring something for breakfast he looses his way back to what he thought of as his new life.

Cast: Natalia Stylianou, Kevin Drury / Crew: D.O.P: Giorgos Kokkalis, Sound: Andy Hoare, Music: Melpo Bonatou, Editing: Iro Vretzaki, Produced by: Northern Media School, Ari Bafalouka



1999 - 15 min - Colour
A young boy witnesses racial prejudice for his first time when his angered mother unfairly accuses a black lady of stealing her wallet.
Cast: Karen Spicer, Brenda Situma, Sean Grant / Crew: DP: Jose Santos Sound: Martin Holland, Editing: Anna Odenhall, Produced by: Northern Media School, Ari Bafalouka.



1995 - 12 min - Colour

A river is the boundary of two opponent camps during a war. Two enemy soldiers meet there accidentally under a common need.

Cast: Vassilis Kainaros, Michalis Tsournakis, Eleftheria Rigou, Vassilis Samolis, Ari Bafalouka / Crew: D.O.P George Kokkalis, Sound: Panagiotis Dimakis, Set: Voula Koanta, Music: Marios Strofalis, Editing: Vangelis Gousias, Production manager: Ari Bafalouka,  Produced by: Ari Bafalouka.


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