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Dear visitors,


If you would like to order any of my fine art photos, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at +33695900777 or by email in the following form. I will be glad to reply by giving you all the information and advices you will need regarding the formats, the prices, the framings, the prints, the materials, the labs, the space you want to fill with the specific photo(s) etc. 


Thanks for submitting!

The print that you will receive will be printed in excellent labs and at the finest gallery papers.


It will be checked by me, for its quality and its perfection.


You will receive a certificate of authenticity and the number of your print signed by Ari Bafalouka.


You will also receive written information regarding the photo, the series, the artist's statement, the idea behind the picture, the way it was shot, the time it was shot, the reason it was shot, its preparation, behind the scenes trivia, its processing, and many other.

The limitation of the prints is varied regarding the series from 30 to 50 prints per photo.  

Your can choose any possible size and format from the following ways of printing.

Prints in Paper / Prints in Aluminium / Prints in Plexiglass 

Format portrait or landscape from: 20cm x 30cm up to 120cm x 180cm

Format Carrés from: 30cm x 30cm up to 140cm x 140cm

Format panoramic from: 30cm x 90cm up to 60cm x 180cm

Framing options are also available. 

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