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1. 19.25 WAITING FOR..  DSC_4713.jpg
2. 19.45 - LOOKING FOR...  DSC_4726.jpg
3. 20.00 - CALLING FOR... DSC_4724.jpg
4. 20.10 - SEARCHING FOR... DSC_4722.jpg
5. 20.25 - SCREAMING FOR... DSC_4729.jpg
6. 20.30 - ASKING FOR..  DSC_4734.jpg
7. 20h50m - DRIVING FOR SARAH 30 x 59 300ppi.jpg

Artist's statement

MET-ESTHISIS (Μεταίσθηση) in greek means aftersensation. An image that persists after stimulation has ceased / a mental image of something previously experienced / an afterimage of a taste / of an experience. This series depicts a nightmare. It is a sensational, thrilling bad dream of a missing girl. Sarah, 11 years old, has never returned back, from her dance school. Anxiety, stressful and horrible feelings dominate this nightmare. Mysterious images, smell of the humidity and the soil... Her parents are looking for her.... Time passes as images are unfolding... An old song from the early sixties is playing, unnoticed, on the car audio player.


1. 19.25 - WAITING FOR...
2. 19.45 - LOOKING FOR...
3. 20.00 - CALLING FOR...
4. 20.10 - SEARCHING FOR...

5. 20.25 - SCREAMING FOR...

6. 20.30 - ASKING FOR... 

7. 20.50 - DRIVING FOR...

9. 21.15 - REPORTING FOR...
10. 21.30 - CRYING FOR...
11. 21.45 - ANXIETY FOR...
12. 21.50 - HOPE/DESPAIR FOR...
13. 22.00 - LONELINESS
14. 22.05 - GUILT 


Regarding the treatment and the style of the pictures: 

In met-esthisis, Sarah’s parents, (protagonists of this nightmarish story) are not seen. Although they are the means of the subject, is not who they are that interests me nor how they react, but I tend only to the implication of their feelings through an artistic point of view. The fog and the night that make it difficult to find the young girl, along with the large landscapes in which she may have been lost, give to the story this extra scary mood. The frame and format are intentionally cinematic and common to all images except one, which is there to remind us, that it is not some snapshots from a movie. Neither the title of each photo nor the name of the series, mention Sarah's name, because the dots could be completed by any other name ... such as their parents. The grainy (“argentique”) look of the pictures, although all of them shot with a digital sensor, is there to give us a nostalgic period style and feeling. 


  • Annual Photography Awards 2021 - Honorable mention - Fine Art Photography

8. 21.00 - DANCE SCHOOL'S PARKING LOT... DSC_6176.jpg
9. 21.15 - REPORTING FOR... DSC_6175.jpg
10. 21.30 - CRYING FOR... DSC_6173.jpg
11. 21.45 - ANXIETY FOR... DSC_6180.jpg
12. 21.50 - HOPE_DESPAIR FOR... DSC_6182.jpg
13. 22.05 - LONELINESS & GUILT... DSC_6120.jpg
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