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Artist's statement

Pixel This.... Feeling, is a series that combines a state of a feeling in a given moment conceptualised subconsciously by the capacity of our brain to take control of our thoughts and our  feelings.... ! The title of the series paraphrases vocally the expression "Picture This".


I worked. As a professional photographer, very much often with tourists, doing photoshoots in Paris. Many of my appointments were given at the north pillar of the Eiffel Tower, next to the statue of Gustav Eiffel.  As I waited for my clients, I often looked up at the Eiffel tower, not so much to admire its wonderful metal structure, but to see if there were any pigeons on top, ready to pummel me with droppings. Every time a photoshoot was over, I would say to myself, "one less" .... like one less brick in an electronic game. One day, the monotony of the situation and the persistent repetition of my work, blended together in my mind the square crossroad of the Eiffel tower’s pillars with the compulsive and endless movement of my life’s pixels, like the first electronic games of my early adolescence… I always played those games, with the understanding that in the end somehow the game would end ... and I would lose ... even if I had done well until then … And I stood, and photographed the tower, and my lifetime, in the form of a huge heavy kaleidoscopic pixel ….

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